Membership Information



Prospective Member Eligibility:

  • 27 years old as of May 1st (of the current year)
  • Demonstrate an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to service in the community of Gallatin, and an interest in developing her potential for voluntary participation with Gallatin
  • Each provisional must have one proposer that is in good standing within the League.


**The Provisional class shall not exceed 25 per year.  Acceptance will be based on the first 25 fully completed applications, with accompanying check for dues and initiation fees, delivered by the respective Proposer to the Chairman of Admissions.


Financial Requirements:

  •  A fee of $125 must be paid and included with the Provisional Contract.  This fee includes a $25 entrance fee and $100 yearly dues.
  • Provisional members shall support any League sponsored fundraisers.


**There will be a Provisional Tea in February for anyone interested.  They will be able to take a packet of information, fill it out, and return with dues payment by April 1st

**If interested, contact any current league member for an application.  Members will receive new member packets in February.